What is a double-sided transparent screen

Generally, the common LED transparent screen is single-sided, which can only display one side of information, while the double-sided transparent LED screen is two screens superimposed, and both front and back sides can play the advertising information plane.


Double-sided transparent LED display is based on the special needs of customers and belongs to the customization class of products. It gives customers more choices in investment attraction and pricing, and fundamentally breaks the single form of expression and business model of LED transparent screen. It can be used in the central area of large shopping malls to facilitate the viewing of people from both sides. It can also be used as LED glass curtain wall screen. The inner side provides viewing for people inside the building, and the outer side provides viewing for people coming and going outside. There are more scenes, of course.


Double-sided LED transparent screen box structure is equivalent to two front protection screen back-to-back connected, double-sided box is also attributed to a special forward structure box, the center belongs to a fixed structure, both sides and the center of the upper half some connection.