How about double-sided transparent OLED screen?


The transparent self-illumination introduced uses a 55-inch panel with a light transmittance of 40%. Compared with the traditional transparent liquid crystal display, it has very high contrast, reaction speed and color saturation, and its transparent effect is far better than the traditional transparent liquid crystal display. This transparency does not require backlight and can be used in a wide range of business environments.

1. Pixel self-illumination technology
Organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) belong to pixel self - illumination technology. Because each pixel can be turned on and off independently, it can achieve amazing black display effect. Enhance the depth of color through the detailed performance of each pixel to make the picture colorful.
2. Exceptional transparency and color expression
Transparent screen can accurately display the transparency of screen body, achieving the effect that ordinary screen cannot achieve. With self-illuminated pixels, no backlight is required. It can show extraordinary transparency and color brilliance. When playing the content of pictures and texts, you can also watch the real scene behind the screen at the same time.
3. Thin screen
The transparent splicing screen has an ultra-thin module structure, which greatly improves the overall structure of the original LCD screen, breaks through the playing form of the traditional display screen, and widens the application range of the traditional display screen.
4. Infinite splicing
Unique structural design, supporting 1x2, 2x2 infinite splicing
Application field of transparent LCD screen:
It can be used in shopping malls, supermarkets, jewelry stores, refrigerator door perspective, car windshield glass, company image wall, building glass, vending machines, museums, exhibition halls, popular science museums, and other exhibition halls to introduce special exhibits.