Would you like to change a crystal chandelier in the living room?


As one of the most common lighting materials, crystal glass and glass are often widely used in the decoration of lamps.

Crystal glass is ordinary glass containing lead. Adding lead to the glass can increase the refraction efficiency of the glass to light, make the light more bright and translucent, and also reduce the hardness and plasticity.

In terms of light sensitivity, glass and crystal glass have similarities, but under the light, the refractive index of crystal glass is incomparable with that of glass, so the price of glass lamp and crystal lamp is very different.

How to distinguish crystal glass from glass?

·Hope: Rotate the crystal glass to the light, and it will be crystal clear and reflect the charming multicolored light. Ordinary glass has a large gap, and its color will also appear dirty and dark.
·Smell: Gently tap or flick with your fingers. Crystal glass can make a clear metal sound, while ordinary glass is relatively dull.. Q: Ask about the crystal brand or crystal material used by the merchants.
·Cut: The weight of crystal glass and ordinary glass of the same volume is larger, and the higher crystal glass will make you feel calm and heavy, and the same as ordinary glass, the lighter the car.

The refractive index of crystal glass is not only affected by the material itself, but also by its cutting process, polishing and punching.
The crystal lamp is not only the choice of good crystal glass, but also the material and technology of the lamp body. Otherwise, if the beautiful crystal is matched with the blackened lamp body, the grade will be immediately pulled into the trench.

The material of the lamp body is mostly iron or copper, but since the crystal lamp is selected, try to choose copper+crystal, both the texture and grade are incomparable with iron lamps.

Take copper as an example
Corrigendum: The all-copper lamp is not 100% pure copper. The place of pure copper is soft and not easy to shape, and it is very easy to oxidize and corrode. The all-copper lamp is made of brass alloy. The common copper lamp contains 45% - 65% copper, and brass has excellent plasticity. It is not easy to corrode.

Each process of stamping, spinning, bending and welding has its own unique meaning. Take the most traditional method of sand blowing, which is the product obtained by pouring molten metal into the cavity of the mold, and cooling and solidification after pouring. The operation of sand blowing process ° requires high work quality and experience of workers, time-consuming and low efficiency, so the cost is relatively high.

The operation process of sand turning is roughly the same in all factories, but there is a big gap in the process control, such as the content of copper, the addition of new sand/auxiliary materials, and the treatment of old sand. Problems in any link directly affect the quality. The most common problem is trachoma, which is caused by excessive impurities in brass.

The pretreatment process is basically similar, but the copper lamp, as a high-end lamp, requires more sophisticated pretreatment and surface treatment process.

Copper lamp surface treatment: polishing, oil sealing, film coating, etc. After treatment, not only insulates the air, is not easy to oxidize, blackens, but also increases the surface gloss, more beautiful and delicate.