Beam Lights

A beamlight is a light source that is focused on a focal point so that the light source is emitted in a more concentrated manner, forming a beam. Such a lamp is called a beamlight, or in common parlance, a spotlight.

Basic Introduction

Beamlight, also known as Sharpy, is available in 300W, 700W, 200W, 230W, 260W, 330W and 1500W. There are 300W beamlight, 700W beamlight, 200W beamlight, 230W beamlight, 260W beamlight, 330W beamlight, 1500W beamlight and other series. 300W beamlight and 700W beamlight were popular around 2010 and have a certain sense of beaminess. However, the real sense of beam light, the beam light that is loved and recognised by everyone, started to prevail with the 200W beam light, which became prevalent in August 2012 and blossomed everywhere in 2012. Since then there has been a constant development of 230W, 260W, 330W and 1500W beamlights. As well as beam pattern combination luminaires. But the mainstream is still 200W and 230W.