What are the advantages of all-in-one meeting machines?

Since the all-in-one conference machine came on the market, it aims to improve the efficiency of the conference and shape the image of the enterprise meeting. However, in terms of market education and consumer cognition, everyone describes the all-in-one conference machine as particularly magical, and thinks that its operation must be particularly difficult. For a huge machine in front of the eyes, many users are always afraid of hands and feet, the reason is afraid of breaking the machine, the cutting-edge machine bold use it.

  1. One-button switch

One-button switch operation, just like the TV, one button boot, without too much operation, a machine to replace the projector, electronic whiteboard, computer, TV and other equipment functions.

  1. Intelligent writing

Smart writing makes meetings easier. There is no need for special writing. The finger can be used as a pen and the back of the hand can be used as an eraser, just like writing with chalk. You can move two points, you can zoom back and forth, you can write things, and these gestures are basically the same as what we do on our phones, how the phones zoom in and out, and that's basically OK here.

  1. Give a speech whenever you want

The document shows. For example, PPT playback, Wrod file annotation and meeting presentation. In the past, meetings used projectors. You had to bring a computer with you. However, the all-in-one meeting machine with the same screen, built-in wireless function, supports the connection between computers and mobile phones. In addition to the above operations, the built-in electronic whiteboard function of the all-in-one meeting machine can carry out the on-site discussion plan of the meeting anytime and anywhere according to the needs of the meeting, which is as simple as writing on the blackboard with chalk, so the all-in-one meeting machine is actually not that complicated. It will make meetings easier and run smoothly.