Roof screen advantages

1. New media Enterprises often get twice the result with half the effort when they put advertisements on new media. If they cooperate with advertising companies, TV and newspapers to "hype" together, they will gain greater communication value

2. Low cost per thousand people, high cost performance. High arrival frequency and contact frequency, low cost per thousand people, suitable for long-term launch

3. High contact probability and stable contact frequency. Taxi ceiling lamp advertising is the outdoor advertising media with the largest visible opportunities. Audiences are bound to be exposed to the advertising information we transmit in their daily life and work.

4. Super strong liquidity and elastic potential energy. The most mobile form of outdoor media, in addition to the universal characteristics of outdoor media, has the most prominent elastic potential in advertising information dissemination. The advertising communication effect is the best.

5. Perfect coordination of advertising strategies. Effectively cooperate with radio media in advertising