The container house

The container house, a kind of building system that hits the fashion trend once again, can be moved to everywhere at any time, bringing people a more convenient and comfortable life. Electricity is available for indoor use through solar photovoltaic panels, solar water heater for heating and water supply, and indoor shower and domestic water discharge is purified by sewage treatment system for reuse. Depending on the number of people, container houses of different sizes can be made.


1、Easy to transport, especially suitable for units that often change construction sites;
2、Sturdy and durable, all made of steel, with strong seismic and anti-deformation ability;
3、Good sealing performance, strict manufacturing process makes this activity room has good water tightness;
4、Activated room based on the standard steel chassis, can be derived from many combinations of space. Such as conference room, dormitory, kitchen, bathroom, etc. The standard width is 2.4 meters, height 2.2 meters, and length 4 meters to 12 meters.
V. Easy to disassemble, superior performance, stable and firm, good typhoon resistance, earthquake resistance, waterproof, fireproof and anti-corrosion, light weight. The house is a whole structure with a frame inside, the walls are steel plates, available wood panel finish, can be relocated as a whole, and the service life can be more than 20 years.